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Oodles Smart
Your Digital Room Visualizer

AI-driven innovation R&D makes the impossible become nothing

Real-Time AI Algorithm

Capture anytime

Adjustment & Design

Chinese Language Interface


Oodles Smart

Our new solution, "Oodles Smart," offers suppliers a one-stop marketing strategy, including online platform setup, product database integration, and digital transformation assistance. Our goal is to enhance competitiveness by opening up multiple communication channels and exploring market diversification.

Oodles Smart

A new ecosystem to improve user experience

Our team builds exclusive digital room visualizers, integrating online and offline marketing to enhance customer interaction and provide a wide range of choices, boosting users' online marketing platform.

One-stop product management system

With one-stop product management system and customized furniture 3D model services, you can upload product information for customers’ understanding and purchase.

Drive consumer purchase intention with real-time preview

Using AI algorithm, we enable users to instantly convert and modify finishes and furniture, providing the flexibility to mix and match building materials in various scenes and preview real-time visual effects.

Technical support

Our team offers extensive technical support and optimizes website functions to enhance quality, performance, and ultimately boost sales efficiency for companies.

Oodles Smart Features

Real-Time AI Algorithm

The AI algorithm processes and analyzes users' uploaded images in real-time, allowing for instant adjustments to various interior design styles based on their preferences.

Capture anytime

Users can capture and modify their home environment images instantly.

Adjustment & Design

Oodles Smart offers compelling editorial design features, such as removing unwanted objects, furniture placement , etc. Users can change and move the finishes and furniture at will to master their own decoration styles.

Chinese Language Interface

Oodles Smart supports key language interfaces, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English, catering to diverse user needs.

Interested in Oodles Smart?

Whatsapp us for product enquiries or the access to trial packs.

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