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One-stop smart washroon solution helps enhance management quality

Combining IoT technology with advanced sensors, control systems, and data analytics capabilities

Upgraded Door Lock


Internet of Things (IoT) Technology


Washroom Design and Installation Solution


Cubicles and Smart Washroom Solution

Combining IoT technology, sensors, control systems, and data analysis, the 'Cubicles and Smart Washroom Solution' features an intelligent monitoring system, air purification devices, and streamlined restroom management for improved hygiene, resource savings, and enhanced user experience.

Cubicles and Smart Washroom Solution

Technological innovation

We prioritize digitalization and IoT technology to provide a convenient, cleaner, and smarter user experience that meets evolving customer needs and market trends.


Material quality assurance

We strive for excellence by carefully selecting high-quality inventory and materials from around the globe. We leverage advanced technology to ensure that our products meet quality and safety standards.

Customized solutions

We offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions that encompass hardware equipment, software systems, data monitoring, and after-sales services, catering to diverse customer needs.


Hong Kong's leading contractor

With 20 years of operating experience and professional knowledge in decoration and maintenance services, we are dedicated to providing a variety of business solutions.

Cubicles and Smart Washroom Solution Features

Upgraded Door Lock

Transform any traditional washroom into a smart one without dismantling existing toilet cubicles with the installation of 'Oodles Kinetic Door Lock.' Through wireless sensor connectivity, real-time monitoring of room occupancy and estimated waiting time can be monitored in real time.

IoT Technology

Combining IoT technology to achieve automation and interconnectedness, data can be transmitted to the cloud platform through network connections to achieve remote monitoring and real-time analysis.

Washroom design and installation solution

One-stop washroom design and installation services, combined with intelligent management systems, provide customers with intelligent management.

Interested in Cubicles and Smart Washroom Solution?

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