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Oodles Exclusive

Brand New Online Solution for Home Inspection, Fitting-out and Design

Ultra HD Renderings

4K Rendered video

360° Tour

Floor Plan

Oodles MeDe

Oodles Mede, a new business solution, providing user-centric innovative digital solutions, including digital design technology, virtual reality, cloud computing, furniture packages, etc. Property developers could leverage Oodles MeDe for prospective property purchasers to change the furniture materials and finishes and preview their apartments with designs in real-time. It could accelerate the customers’ purchasing decisions which benefits the property developers to seize the market quickly and promote the business development.

Oodles MeDe

Tailor-made New Housing Model

The professional team will help create a unique sales website for each new housing project. Unlike the traditional home inspection, the prospective property purchasers could preview the layout of all the apartments in 360° from the mobile or tablet devices.

Realistic Experience from Show Flat Stimulation

By incorporating Oodles’ technologies, including projecting 3D images of the realistic show flat with an immersive projection virtual reality display system, prospective property purchasers could preview the apartment as if in the real world, bringing the ideal home to life.

Additional Furniture Package Offers

Offering additional furniture packages options for prospective property purchasers, which will save their time to measure and source. They may change the design upon their preferences and preview the outlook in real-time.

Value-added Services Strengthen Sales

Property developers could offer a one-stop service to prospective property purchasers through Oodles MeDe which improves the users’ experiences and increases their purchasing intention, as well as helps stimulate sales.

Oodles MeDe Features

Incorporating new digital technology for interior design

Breakthrough furniture design with free matching finishings

Presenting ultra-high-definition stereoscopic rendering space

One-stop experience for instant quotation & order placement


Oodles MeDe User Experience

Property Developers

Virtual Reality replaces showflat

Value-added Services help stimulate Sales

Property Owners

Realistic online preview experience

Furniture Package all Available

Supplier Merchant

Reduce design communication mismatch

Increase sales opportunities

Interested in Oodles MeDe?

Whatsapp us for product enquiries or the access to trial packs.

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