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Technologies spearhead groundbreaking success
A real solution of the times drives further evolution of industry
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The trustworthy partner of developers

Oodles is customer-focused. In addition to its online platforms and offline support, by performing its best in the fields of research and development, efficient production and customer care, Oodles is helping the developers with their tasks of building the ideal home for the buyers. Oodles bonds well with the developers that it is the most trustworthy partner of them.

The first one-stop approach of home design in Hong Kong

To revolutionize the cumbersome procedures associated with traditional decoration and interior design, Oodles integrates digital technology, artificial intelligence, and big data networks to develop groundbreaking techniques. With Oodles' one-stop solution, users can accomplish their goals, save time, and simplify their lives, covering everything from home design and furniture procurement to building smart systems and accessing follow-up services.

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Professional team with comprehensive and all-day technical support

Oodles is dedicated to gathering enthusiastic and creative talents from all over the world. Equipped with skills of different areas, the professional IT team of Oodles is determined to tackle any problems from you, as well as continuing research work to develop better and smarter solutions for the users. 

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Indigenous innovation anticipates the local’s needs

Oodles is based and grown up in Hong Kong in which its innovations, applications and production are developed. Also, it understands well the users’ needs of flexibility that by speeding up rendering, reducing times of design alteration and providing useful design aid, Oodles is pursuing a more enjoyable and creative lifestyle with the users.

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Massive digital database for design

Oodles harnesses the power of cloud technology and big data to construct an extensive digital design database. This database encompasses a wide range of resources, including diverse 3D furniture and building material models, as well as high-level design cases. Users can easily access this wealth of information, finding exactly what they need and drawing inspiration from it.

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A pioneer of cutting edge technology

Oodles allows users to instantly preview, adjust and experience their ideal homes by making use of pioneering panoramic real-time design, three-dimensional scans and immersive projection virtual reality display.

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A perfect technological solution to design problems

As a pioneering and innovative brand, Oodles utilizes artificial intelligence and professional expertise to cultivate four state-of-the-art technologies and their associated services: Oodles 720, Oodles Cube, Oodles Transformer, and Oodles Kinetic Door Lock. Users can use any of them independently, or connect each of them for data transmission and analysis, which can bring synergy, ease the pain points in current home design, ultimately enhancing and streamlining your lifestyle, making it smarter and more convenient.

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Business Partnership

To foster business growth of our clients, we strive to provide them with the best and bespoke solutions supported by imaginative technology developed on our own. Should you need any assistance, you are welcome to contact us anytime for further information. 


Customer Hotline:


+852 3898 6500


Customer Email:



3/F, Yin Da Commercial Building, 181 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


WhatsApp us:


+852 5229 0082

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