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Oodles Solution

Keeping up with trends of international technological development, specialized I.T. teams of Oodles work together to customize different solutions for the users, elevating the quality of life for them.

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Oodles Tech

Oodles 720, Oodles Cube, Oodles Scanner and Oodles Transformer are collectively known as “Oodles Tech” which is developed on our own with innovative technologies and artificial intelligence. “Oodles Tech” can be used separately or cooperatively to perfect designs or enhance industry productivity.

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Oodles Life

Oodles Life touches many aspects of the design industry and everyday life. Users can satisfy their needs for design, information, purchase and construction through Oodles Design, Oodles Home, Oodles Mall and Oodles Match.


Oodles Solution


Oodles MeDe

Oodles MeDe provides users a new digital solution with online home inspection and self-design. MeDe means Me Design whereas design should be people-oriented. Users can take the lead in 360° preview of the apartment through Oodles MeDe, combined with the digital design technology of Oodles 720, to create an ideal home and preview the future home in real-time.


Oodles Tech

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Oodles 720

Broadening your experience with one-stop application

Oodles 720 application enables users to experience real-time panoramic design anytime and anywhere. Not only can users enjoy their exclusive designs from a 2D or 3D perspective, they can also move, place and transform any furniture at will. With various lighting effects and the unique real-time ruler function, Oodles 720 application takes interior design and visual experience to the next level. 


In the Oodles 3D Model Database, there are thousands of design templates, furnishings and furniture for users to choose from which further makes designs easier.

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Being your own spatial planner with transformable furniture

Oodles Transformer overcomes spatial constraints and enables users to maximize their household space with smart technology. 


Oodles Transformer is fashionable, pragmatic and multifunctional. It integrates wardrobe, bed with dining table and so forth, utilizing the same space to serve different purposes. Several furniture mingle together to form a large piece of movable wall, which separates bedroom and dining room, making one’s home more stylish. By applying new technology, users can operate Oodles Transformer with touch screen or mobile application in every corner of your home. Oodles Transformer can make your life smarter and easier.

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Oodles Scanner

Outputting precise floor plans and construction drawings with 3D scans

Oodles Scanner makes use of accurate electronic ruler function, Light Detection and Ranging technology (LiDAR) and high-speed stereo scanning function for precise measurements. With 3D Point Cloud in full colours, it further helps to visualize the actual structure and layout of a certain space. 


Construction drawings derived from scan data are equipped with automatic contrast function and accurate size markings, which greatly reduce deviations from manual measurements. By outputting construction drawings and floor plans in different formats, Oodles Scanner is a versatile tool of the industry. 


With remote operation from any mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers using wireless LAN, users can instantly scan, upload and share data to the cloud server for easy management.

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Oodles Cube

Embracing your future with detailed 3D projection

In order to present a more realistic and vivid visual experience to the users, Oodles integrates immersive projection virtual reality display system, high-resolution 3D projection display technology, multi-channel vision synchronization technology and sound technology with sensor technology. Either one user or a small group of users can enjoy the immersive virtual experience at the same time. 


By connecting Oodles Cube to Oodles 720 application, users can modify their designs in real-time and hence enjoy an instant preview of the dream homes, bringing the ideal home to life.

Oodles Life

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Oodles Design

Unleashing inspiration with designers gathered from around the globe

With starred designers joining from all around the world, Oodles Design in which users can find various design templates, appreciate masterpieces and discover new talents sparks inspiration that it allows everyone to design their ideal homes on their own.


Construction drawings and floor plans, as well as 3D models and designer recommended products can also be found in Oodles Design, satisfying all design and operational needs.

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Oodles Mall

Introducing leading-edge new products to the local market

The virtual reality specialty shop online of Oodles helps users with the stylish and yet decent home decor by implementing the exclusively developed VR technology. Furniture customization is as well available. Not only can users choose from a wide range of imported upscale materials, but they can also enjoy the full follow-up quality service from Oodles in which ordering, designs, delivery and maintenance support are included. 

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Oodles Match

Bonding design firms and fit-out contractors to clients

Apart from advanced technology and products, Oodles also excels in providing comprehensive services. With our professional construction supervision service, experienced technicians are dispatched to coordinate different projects in order to ensure the progress and quality; with a team of expertise, Oodles steps in to provide valuable advice and settle disputes among different parties so as to level up users’ experience.

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Oodles Home

Discovering boundless ideas and hot trends here with us

Oodles home is a comprehensive and informative platform in which users are provided with household, design and decoration knowledge, such as guidelines on handovers of first-hand properties and renovation ideas of old flats. Floor plans of various real estates in Hong Kong, up-to-date news, transaction data and hot trends of industry can also be found here. 


Oodles Home manipulates different media, which includes articles, videos and so forth, enabling users to be self-taught with the mentioned knowledge at home.

Satisfying all needs at full capacity

By integrating digital technology, artificial intelligence and big data, Oodles developed four cutting-edge applications and four helpful platforms, with the aim of providing an innovative end-to-end solution to interior design and fitting-out projects. Personal users, business partners and industry insiders, Oodles cares about all.


Oodles & Clients



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